Flashback Fridays #2 – Round 2 2019

Round 2 2019 - NAIRNE BREMER V Uraidla Districts

The second edition of HFL Media’s “Flashback Fridays” is here! This week we take a look back to round 2 last year when the newly promoted Nairne hosted Uraidla on a chilly April afternoon. After a tight first half from both teams, Uraidla piled on 12 goals to 1 in the second half to storm home with an 87-point victory and seven goals to Travis Oakley.

Watch the full game and highlights from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game

Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 13th April 2019 – Qube Logistics Oval (Nairne)

Nairne Bremer 3.6 24 def. by Uraidla Districts 16.15 111

Nairne Bremer0.2-22.4-162.4-163.6-24
Uraidla Districts3.4-224.7-3111.12-7816.15-111

Nairne Bremer
Goal Kickers: N. Jeavons, M. Rupcic, N. Jaensch
Best Players: K. Waterman, W. Hooper, B. Powell, R. Kleinig, B. Davis

Uraidla Districts
Goal Kickers: T. Oakley 7, N. Amato 3, H. Fahlbusch-Moore 3, T. Kluvanek 2, H. Hollow
Best Players: L. Thomas, C. Spry, N. Amato, W. Young, N. Remnant, T. Oakley