Flashback Fridays #4 – Round 4 2019

Round 4 2019 - MT BARKER v mt lofty

In our fourth week of “Flashback Fridays”, HFL Media heads back to Round 4 last year when Mt Barker took on Mt Lofty at Hanson Oval. The Barkeroos were able to bounce back strong from their 81-point defeat to Hahndorf in the previous round to take the chocolates against their rivals by a comfortable 5-goals.

Watch the full game and highlights from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game


Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 4th May 2019 – Hanson Oval (Mt Barker)

Mt Barker 13.13 91 def. Mt Lofty 9.9 63

Mt Barker3.2-205.5-359.8-6213.13-91
Mt Lofty1.2-85.5-357.8-509.9-63

Mt Barker
Goal Kickers: H. Johnson 2, L. Andruszkiewicz 2, S. Nunan 2, T. Worthley 2, M. Thomas, L. Giles, T. Hughes, W. Bruce, H. Bruce
Best Players: T. Hughes, W. Bruce, T. Worthley, M. Thomas, B. Hosking

Mt Lofty
Goal Kickers: S. Miles 3, D. Gonzales, J. Mcdonald, D. Gamble, J. Sandercock, M. Pope, C. Milde
Best Players: M. Pope, D. Nicholls, N. Thomson, S. Miles, M. Nielsen