Flashback Fridays #6 – Round 6 2019

Round 6 2019 - Onka Valley v Mt Lofty

It’s that time of the week again! In our 6th “Flashback Fridays” HFL Media calls back to Round 6 last year when the eventual runners-up in Onka Valley took home a comfortable 5-goal win against Mt Lofty at our first trip to Balhannah Oval for the year. Goals were aplenty as Onkas were led by Jake Adcock with a bag of 4 and Lofty by Daniel ‘Speedy’ Gonzales with a handful of 5.

Watch the full game and highlights with commentary from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game


Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 18th May 2019 – Balhannah Oval

Onka Valley 16.8 104 def. Mt Lofty 11.7 73

Onka Valley8.4-5210.4-6412.5-7716.8-104
Mt Lofty2.1-134.2-264.6-3011.7-73

Onka Valley
Goal Kickers: J. Adcock 4, J. Beilby 3, T. Mayo 3, S. Ciappina 2, R. Sinnott 2, E. Lynch, A. Vines
Best Players: A. Vines, D. Green, B. Jefferies, T. Mayo, T. Jefferies, S. Pittaway

Mt Lofty
Goal Kickers: D. Gonzales 5, M. Pope 2, J. Mcdonald, A. Winwood, S. Miles
Best Players: N. Thomson, A. Weeks, A. Carthew, J. Mcdonald, D. Gonzales