Flashback Fridays #7 – Round 7 2019

Round 7 2019 - Hahndorf v Blackwood

Lucky #7! This week’s “Flashback Friday” revisits HFL Media’s call of Round 7 last year when the eventual premiers in Hahndorf stormed home to a big win in front of the faithful against Blackwood. Dary Hourigan continued to pile onto his league-leading goal tally with a whopping 7 against the ‘woods.

Watch the full game and highlights with commentary from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game


Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 25th May 2019 – Hahndorf Oval

Hahndorf 12.18 90 def. Blackwood 1.10 16


Mt Lofty
Goal Kickers: D. Hourigan 7, A. Musolino, L. Roberts , M. Virgara, B. Salt, A. Eckerman
Best Players: D. Hourigan, S. Hayden, D. Matsen, T. Parker-Boers, S. Purling, L. Roberts

Goal Kickers: P. Hopton
Best Players: N. Homburg, B. Jones, S. Bricknell, D. Benson, R. Dijksman