Flashback Fridays #9 – Round 9 2019

Round 9 2019 - Nairne v Echunga

It’s time for Flashback Friday #9! On this round last year Echunga made the visit to Qube Logistics Oval and came home with all the chocolates as they belted the hosts Nairne by 14-goals. Joel Aish put 6 through the big sticks for the demons which would end up as part of his whopping 56-goal tally come the end of the season, finishing second in the competition behind Darcy Hourign on 73.

Watch the full game and highlights with commentary from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game


Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 15th June 2019 – Qube Logistics Oval (Nairne)

Nairne 7.6 48 def. by Echunga 20.13 133

Nairne Bremer3.4-223.4-226.5-417.6-48
Nairne Bremer
Goal Kickers: L. Murphy 3, J. Le Couteur, B. Powell, E. Horrocks, L. Cross
Best Players: E. Rupcic, J. Hourigan, J. Partridge, J. Revington, L. Murphy, J. Le Couteur

Goal Kickers: J. Aish 6, D. Ribbons 3, R. Williams 3, D. Reinbrecht 3, J. Rogers 2, T. Schumacher, M. Claughton, C. Guy

Best Players: D. Reinbrecht, L. Place, A. Edwards, H. Reuther, D. Ribbons