Flashback Fridays #10 – Round 10 2019

Round 10 2019 - Nairne v Blackwood

This week’s Flashback Friday is a special one for the Nairne fans… on this round in 2019 the HFL Media team had the pleasure of calling Nairne’s very first win for the year and since their promotion to Division 1 against Blackwood in front of the faithful at Qube Logistics Oval. Luke Murphy was the hero for the Rams kicking 3 in a best-on-ground performance whilst Ryan Dijksman tried to pull it back for the ‘Woods with his own bag of 3. The post-siren celebrations from the Nairne players and supporters were certainly one of the season highlights.

Watch the full game and highlights with commentary from our Dartfish.tv channel below:

Full Game


Match Summary

2:30pm Saturday 22nd June 2019 – Qube Logistics Oval (Nairne)

Nairne 7.5 47 def Blackwood 5.9 39

Nairne Bremer4.1-255.1-317.4-467.5-47

Nairne Bremer
Goal Kickers: L. Murphy 3, M. Hein, L. Cross, M. Rupcic, E. Horrocks
Best Players: L. May, E. Rupcic, K. Waterman, R. McGahey, L. Murphy

Goal Kickers: R. Dijksman 3, M. Tuck, L. Herbert
Best Players: K. Thompson, J. Hopton, M. Tuck, N. Homburg, J. Mccarthy