About Us

The HFL Media team (L-R): Jeff Pistola, Rob Shearwood, Ben Goldfinch, Tony Sander

hillsfooty.com is a collaboration between HFL Media and Lofty Community Media Incorporated.

HFL Media is the media arm of the Hills Football League (HFL).  With over 3,000 registered players across 21 clubs, the HFL is South Australia’s largest country Australian Rules Football League, and the second largest Australian Rules football league in the state.  HFL Media was established in 2018 to enable the HFL to broadcast and distribute matches via live streaming and on-demand media, as well as to provide a resource of video and audio products for fans, players, administrators and others with an interest in local Australian Rules Football.

Lofty Community Media Incorporated (Lofty) is a not-for-profit local media outlet in the Adelaide Hills.  Currently operating a website and a 24/7 live online radio stream,  Lofty is an aspirant community broadcaster.  In May 2018, Lofty registered an application with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for a temporary community broadcasting licence.  Lofty expects to commence servicing the Adelaide Hills via FM by the end of 2018.