About Us

Part of the Hills Footy Media team (L-R): Jeff Pistola, Rob Shearwood, Ben Goldfinch, Tony Sander

hillsfooty.com is a collaboration between Hills Footy Media and Lofty Community Media Incorporated.

Hills Footy Media is an independent group of passionate volunteers and avid supporters of Hills football. Hills Footy Media was establishedback in 2018 with the goal of broadcasting and distributing matches via live streaming and on-demand media, as well as to provide a resource of video and audio products for fans, players, administrators and others with an interest in local Australian Rules Football.

Since 2018, Hills Footy Media has provided local Hills footy fans unprecedented access to Hills footy matches and other major events such as the Mail Medal. Our 2019 commentary team includes Jeff “Pistols” Pistola, Ben “Goldie” Goldfinch, Shane “Collo” Collins and Michael “Bawds” Bawden, all held together under the leadership of Hills Footy Media’s manager, Rob Shearwood.

Lofty Community Media Incorporated (Lofty) is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer operated local media outlet in the Adelaide Hills.  Since November 2018, Lofty has been broadcasting on 88.9FM in Adelaide Hills for three days a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) as Lofty 88.9.

Lofty currently holds a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence (TCBL), and will be applying for a long term community broadcasting licence once the regulator opens the application process, which is expected to occur in the next 12 months.   A delayed broadcast of each week’s Call Of The Wild is aired every Sunday at 12 noon on Lofty 88.9 during the HFL Season.

In addition to radio broadcasting, Lofty also works with local community groups to enhance their online presence. hillsfooty.com is an example of Lofty’s work in this field.