HILLSFOOTY.COM is back for 2019, bigger and better than ever!

It’s a new year and new season for HILLSFOOTY.COM!  We’ve been doing some work during the off-season to make our coverage of the HFL 2019 Season bigger and better! 

For starters, HILLSFOOTY welcomes Shane “Collo” Collins as a full-timer on the Call Of The Wild team!  Along with Pistols and Goldie, Collo will be a regular fixture during our live broadcasts. 

For all you Rob fans out there, he’s back with special comments, joined by another new member of the HILLSFOOTY.COM team, Michael “Bawds” Bawden. 

As for how we’ll get this coverage to you … there’s big news on that front as well.  It’s big enough to call for its own post …