2018 Mortgage Choice Hills Football League Division 1, Round 13 – Echunga v Onka Valley

The Dream Maker returned to Echunga to call the Div 1 clash between Echunga and Onka Valley. Onkas fought hard to try and break into the Top 5 and keep their finals hopes alive.  The Dogs showed a lot of class in the first half to maintain razor sharp accuracy (7.0 at half time), even with the Demons right on their tails all the way. The battle continued in the second half, with the end result eventually revealing itself in the dying moments of this epic contest.

You can listen to the whole match here. Although we reckon that the final quarter is a candidate for the Classic Quarters collection. Watch this space.

Thanks to the Echunga Football Club for their great hospitality. Special thanks to new club president, Ben Hull, for giving us some of his time during the pre-match show.  Thanks also to Onka Valley Football Club for this great shot, taken during half-time.